Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Arch Nemesis

Here' s the thing, that's me on the right with the sun damage and wrinkles and bags under my eyes.

The chick on the left has obviously been heavily photoshopped or doesn't have any children or doesn't live under a big hole in the o-zone or... all of the above.

But, what we do have in common is a great eyebrow arch. Yay us!

I have recently discovered the 'joys' of eyebrow threading. It is an amazing, quick and really effective way of making me look as if I take some care over my appearance. Because these days, really...

It is however, REALLY painful. I am not a sook! I have had two, count 'em TWO home births without ANY pain relief. But having hair torn from my sensitive brow brings a tear to my eye every time.

So I was thinking can you get an epidural for eyebrow threading because I'm owed two.


DavyGravy said...

you give good arch Esther!
Dave Garratt

gorillabuns said...

i watched a woman get her eyebrows and brow and hair line threaded the other day and she didn't flinch.

i'm not that brave.

Anny said...

You do have beautiful arches congrats! We were first introduced to threading in Vietnam last year. A young woman in the market palce called us over and told my husband he looked like a 'hairy monkey' and proceeded to thread the hair out of his ears. We all thought it was amusing...he didn't!!