Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happiness Is

Remember those revolting cupey (sp?) doll people on those 'happiness is' cards and calendars in the 80's? I have to say I always found them repulsive.

Short, nude, prepubescent. There is nothing even remotely charming about that. And yet, it spawned a range of stationary that people actually chose to spend their money on.

It's like the whole 'Lady and the Tramp' thing or 'The Lion King'. In fact any movie where animals play the romantic leads.

Adult humans have romantic feelings, short, fat children, dogs and lions do not.

Anyway, I digress.

The actual point that I am trying to make is that happiness actually is... silence coming from two bedrooms and a clock that reads 7:01.

Now, I love the monkeys. I love them in a way I never dreamed possible. I love them with every particle of my being. My soul actually sings when they smile. I love the way they laugh. I love the way they sing. Hell, I even love the way they shout at each other in the car. Their cuddles melt my heart and, when I am not my evil alter ego, 'sleep deprived mean mummy', I even love their funny little leg kicking tantrums. I love them from the minute they open their eyes in the morning until the minute I tuck them into their beds at night. That however, is my limit.

At 7:00pm everything they do or say ceases to be amusing or cute and instead becomes annoying and foul. Every utterance from their tiny poisonous mouths makes me want to scream 'SHUT UP' and start phoning 'round possible foster carers.

I don't know weather it is an innate body clock thing or simply that once I click out of mummy mode the switch can not be turned back on 'till morning. All I know is that 7:01 brings on a bad case of "SHUTTHEHELLUP" in me.

I even feel bad writing about it but I figure that the incredible guttural overwhelming love that I feel for them for 13 hours a day, cancels out my evil longing for some peace and quiet and time with my husband.

Doesn't it???

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