Thursday, November 1, 2007


So tired! The sort of tired that makes you want to cry. The sort of tired that you feel in every molecule of your body. Bone tired. Dog tired (dogs are very energetic though - except big fat Labradors).
Big fat Labrador tired!
Have no excuse.
Feel old!

Keep wanting to lie down and go to sleep. Want to beg monkey senior for peace and quiet and an hour uninterrupted on the couch.
Monkey senior has sixth sense about tired adults. It affects her volume control and her ability to do anything for herself. She becomes incapable of watching anything on the T.V. for more than three seconds and screams for assistance in rolling over.
It also changes her voice from cute and funny into 'ultra-whiney-hideous-screechy' mode.

Think I may have malaria (the kind that you get in New Zealand that has no symptoms except tiredness). Maybe have Tsetse fly illness. Not sure. Know it must be very bad, very serious illness and not just lazyness.

Bed is still unmade. House is unhoovered, repeat UNHOOVERED! All is not well in my universe. There are crumbs on the bench and I don't care. Would gladly crawl in top of crumbs and sleep on bench.
Even yucky, poor white trash stylie, unmade bed (surely only trailer park residents still have unmade beds at 1.47pm) looks appealing enough to climb into.

Must motivate self. Am nodding off at computer.

Will hoover.

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