Thursday, October 11, 2007


Today, courtesy of my sister and brother in law and a trip to the wonderful land of mickey mouse, monkey senior became excited to the point of total mental exhaustion and complete physiological and emotional meltdown.

She's no shrinking violet. She's confident. Despite our best efforts to crush her spirit, she has an excessive amount of self esteem and this is best demonstrated in her love of 'dress up' and 'dance around a lot'.

Any occasion will do; 'we must make our visitors feel welcome by dressing up in my fairy dress', 'Pretend you were Cinderella and wished for a fairy', 'Let's put on my fairy dress and go to the mall'.

She has, until today, had one 'suitable for any social situation' fairy dress. It is cracked out 3 or 4 times a day and her donning it is, in most cases, the precursor to some hideous game of make believe that will call for a commitment from the whole family.
Today, her cup didth runneth over.

Direct from the Disneyland store came a 'Little Mermaid' (pronounced Me-ur-maid) dress, tiara, bag, gloves and shoes ensemble and a 'Snow White' dress and shoes combo.

She was also given 6 pairs of 'Disney Princess' branded plastic high heels. A sure fire way to break her tiny ankles - especially on our wooden floors.

She calls them her tap shoes and I wonder if my sister gave them to her in the same spirit that we give our friends' children drum kits and games that 'reward children with light and sound'.

The most wonderful thing about monkey senior is that she is truly the most grateful and gracious child in the world.

She is spoiled rotten and we can't help but buy her things but, she would be grateful to be given a piece of toast.

So this haul, was like Christmas on E.

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