Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Well G***le Me!

Just 'googled' myself and found that there is a couple with the blog name johnandesther@blogspot.
Kinda creepy!

I'm sure that it happens. I get that John is like, the most common name in the world and everything and that some other poor unfortunate who was burdened with my name would probably have married one of them. Still, it feels a little like identity theft. Do you think that somewhere in Canada, this couple are living it large on our maxed out credit card and mortgage?

But worse than that, and to be honest with you, kinda depressing, is that a 'google' of esther praill reveals nothing.
I don't exist in googledom.

In a world where monkey senior told me to 'google' the answer to one of her unanswerable questions (the 4,000,000th of the day) I feel I need to do something google worthy.

The question is... what?

It would have to be something requiring no travel - skint, no intellectual strain - scrambled nursing brain, and no effort - fundamentally lazy and devoting every child free moment to watching the entire DVD collection of the Sopranos.

That limits it to like, a Nobel prize in parenting (unlikely) or an in print name drop in one of those 'out on the street' interview, community survey things, in whatever our local newspaper is, about the general lack of interest in, or understanding of, the local elections.

In that, I would be p
rint worthy. Google worthy! A true authority, what with my total lack of interest in, and understanding of, the local elections.

Terrifying because apathy, as I keep telling my mother, is a vote and it's the only vote I can be bothered casting.

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