Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In the Beginning

I am blogging - which feels kinda weird because I am basically a Luddite and also don't think that publicly sharing my mundane blether is going to change the world in any way.

I guess the idea of actually forming sentences that didn't include any of 'The Wiggles' or 'High 5' lyrics was just too appealing to resist.

So here I am, a mere semblance of my former self.
First and foremost a mother of two terrifyingly yummy monkeys.

Monkey senior -
Age: 3 going on 4 going on 30.
In charge of: not only her brother, her father and I but, certainly if you ask her, the whole world.
Specialises in: dressing up, asking difficult questions and telling us that she hopes people won't be 'too jealous of how cute I look' and how 'magnificent my new party dress is'.

Monkey junior -
Age: 1 going on 2 stone.
In charge of: Mostly me (I'm a sucker for his boyish good looks)
Specialises in: being small, chubby and devastatingly cute. Unable to say any actual words but nods wildly in the direction of any foodstuffs.

In a wild panic, I began to realise that these two small creatures were maybe all defining. That I was just this 'mother' person, a 'wife' and 'mother of two'. A dull, tracksuit and fleece wearing creature that I had always ridiculed from the safe place of knowing that it could never be me.

Must be clear, don't actually own trackies or a fleece but figuratively speaking I am in a full kathmandu ensemble.

Somewhere in here is the semi articulate, sometimes amusing, single party girl of old and I am seeking to find just a small piece of her here, in blogland (note to self: do not access the part that was a shameless lush and hussy - she comes with killer hangovers and Saturday morning walks of shame).

So now, if this is the book of genesis, then on with the rest of
the good book.

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